Media Coverage of Kesley & Associates

Kelsey & Associates has been extensively covered in both the print and electronic media in an array of publications and television/radio stations since 1995. Here is a sampling of some of the coverage we have received in the past:

Articles in Print

How to Uncover Your House's History The Washington Post 10/07/2007
Tracing the Origin Of Spaces The Washington Post 11/19/2005
These Walls Do Talk -- to The Right Person The Washington Post 04/19/2005
This Not-So-Old House The Wall Street Journal 04/08/2005
Expert of the house Historian's eye on Capitol Hill The Hill 12/10/2003
How to research your home's past The Baltimore Sun 07/20/2003
A façade easement donations offers homeowners a significant tax deduction Legal Times 03/31/2003
Nikkei Marketing Journal The Nikkei Financial Journal (Japanese) 08/01/2002
The Curious House Historian The Washington Post 07/31/2002
Owners Eager for History Spur A Boom in 'House Genealogy' The Wall Street Journal 05/17/2002